Cleaning & Disinfecting Protocol

NCTD Commitment

NCTD and its contractors, MV Transportation and Bombardier, work on a daily basis to keep you safe while riding public transit.


Revenue vehicles are cleaned each night (vacuum, mopping, and cleaning spills or extremely dirty seats) and disinfected daily with Zep Spirit II, which is effective against COVID-19. The disinfectant is applied to all hard surfaces that are commonly touched (seat backs, fare box, driver controls, all handrails, walls, and windows). In addition, the floors are mopped with Triton solution on a nightly basis.


NCTD’s rail contractor walks each COASTER car daily to monitor and replenish dispensers for soap, tissue, paper towels, and hand sanitizer. All rail cars are cleaned daily, which includes vacuuming and wiping all surfaces with disinfectants Rejuvnal and Oxivir tb wipes (hospital grade disinfectant).


NCTD’s contracted employees clean restrooms daily. They also wipe commonly touched surfaces daily (door handles, touch pads, ticket vending machines, etc..). Facilities utilizes Zep Spirit II for surfaces and Triton solution for floor cleaning.

NCTD Coronavirus Response