Important Messages & Service Impacts

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

NCTD continues to actively respond to the COVID-19 public health emergency, taking all appropriate measures to protect the health and safety of our frontline colleagues, our customers, and the community at large. In an effort to be as transparent as possible, NCTD strives to provide specific details on any case as permitted by health privacy law and our own obligations to employee confidentiality.

NCTD’s commitment to fully and appropriately respond to any positive case — including sanitizing and disinfecting workspaces, contact tracing and quarantine — has not changed.

For NCTD’s reporting purposes, a case is considered “confirmed” upon receipt of documentation from public health authorities or an employee’s medical provider. Chart below reflects positive cases during the most recent 2 months.

NCTD is taking all precautions to help keep employees and riders safe. It has instituted driver safety barriers, provided masks to all operators and has complimentary masks available on all buses and trains for customers. Social distancing is encouraged on vehicles and at stations.

Total Confirmed Cases: 89
Confirmed Deaths: 1

PositionWork LocationNCTD Notified of Positive Result
Administrative ProfessionalCOASTER Operations Facility7/27
Administrative ProfessionalGeneral Administration Offices7/27
Bus OperationsWest Operations Facility7/26
Rail OperationsCOASTER Train7/16
Administrative ProfessionalGeneral Administration Offices7/14
Bus OperationsEast Operations Building7/8
Rail OperationsCOASTER Operations Facility6/19
Bus OperationsWest Operations Building5/21
Administrative ProfessionalSPRINTER Operations5/21
Public Service Announcement & Special Procedures for Public Meetings

The Governor of California has issued Executive Order N-09-21 (Order) regarding the COVID-19 public health emergency. The Order directs that certain public gatherings should be postponed or canceled. The Governor, through the Order, has provided authority to public agencies to conduct public meetings over teleconference systems where possible.

Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, including the order by the State of California public health officials for anyone living in the State to stay home, IN PERSON PARTICIPATION AT THE NCTD BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETINGS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. Pursuant to the Order, NCTD is providing alternatives to in-person attendance for viewing and participating in NCTD Board and/or Committee meetings. The public may view the meetings online using live streaming at: Board Members may participate in NCTD Board and/or Committee meetings via teleconference in accordance with the Order.

Members of the public may submit their comments via email at Large groups wishing to comment on a common item are encouraged to submit comments in writing. Public comments submitted will be provided to the Board/Committee and included in the record of the Board/Committee Meeting.

While emailed comments are preferred, the public may also provide oral comments on agenda items by calling (760) 966-6560. When prompted, the caller should identify the agenda item they wish to speak about and leave a message not to exceed three minutes. All timely received telephonic comments will be shared with the Board of Directors during the meeting. Telephonic comments that were not allowed to be played for the Board of Directors at the beginning of the meeting, will be played at the end of the meeting.  Telephonic and written comments will be made part of the record.