Working Together to Keep You Safe

NCTD’s Plan to Strengthen Trust in Transit


We are focused on building your trust and welcoming you back to transit.

COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols

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    1. Clean and Sanitize Vehicles and Facilities

    NCTD has enhanced cleaning efforts based on Centers for Disease Control recommendations and industry best practices. Every day, NCTD buses, trains, paratransit vehicles and transit facilities are disinfected and cleaned thoroughly.

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    2. Maintain a Healthy Workforce

    All NCTD employees and contractors are provided protective and safety equipment and supplies to do their jobs safely. NCTD employees and contractors are required to stay home if they exhibit symptoms of COVID-19.

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    3. Increase Service Based on Demand

    As the impacts of COVID-19 are mitigated so that restrictions can be eased, NCTD will work with employers and educational institutions to increase service incrementally to meet demand.

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    4. Protect Operators

    To safeguard passengers and operators from the spread of COVID-19, NCTD has installed protective driver barriers on our entire BREEZE fleet.

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    5. Increase Contactless Payment

    To reduce surface touch points on transit, please download NCTD’s PRONTO mobile app on your phone to purchase one-way, roundtrip and monthly fares. As of January 2, 2021, cash fares are once again accepted on buses.

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    6. Increase Customer Information

    Customer Service Representatives are available by phone and email to help with your trip planning needs. NCTD recommends the Transit app for real-time service updates. Or visit NCTD’s social media channels @GoNCTD and visit for the latest information.

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    7. Adopt New Technology and Industry Methodology

    We are closely monitoring industry best practices and exploring new technologies to reduce the spread of COVID-19. New methods will be evaluated and implemented when proven to be effective and suited to NCTD operations.

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    8. Enhance Community Partnerships

    NCTD continues to work with San Diego County public health officials and our local business partners to engage and inform the public. This collaboration will enhance our communications with riders while strengthening the small businesses that make our community thrive.