Education, Enforcement, Engineering

Education, Enforcement, Engineering

Safety is one of NCTD’s top priorities and NCTD’s railroad right-of-way is not a safe place for the general public. State law recognizes this by making it a violation to illegally cross the tracks. There are a significant number of illegal crossing incidents that result in unnecessary near-misses, injuries, and fatalities throughout the NCTD service areaAs a result, NCTD believes that it is critical to take all necessary actions, including applying federal and state mandates and guidance to prevent trespassing on railroad property, to support the safe and efficient movement of passenger and freight trains and to help keep the public safe. NCTD takes a three-prong approach to safety 

  1. Educating the public.  
  2. Enforcing the laws and policies 
  3. Engineering in the service area to enhance safety.  

See below for some of the ways NCTD is implementing this approach. 

Safety Presentations

NCTD offers safety presentations in conjunction with California Operation Lifesaver to educate the public about rail safety and help keep communities safe. Schedule a presentation today for your school, business, or community group by contacting

Law Enforcement Partnerships

NCTD partners with the San Diego County Sheriffs, Escondido Police Department, and Oceanside Police Department to monitor railroad tracks and stations, issue citations as needed, and respond to emergencies.

As part of NCTD’s enforcement efforts, San Diego County Sheriff’s Deputies conduct focused trespasser mitigation enforcement along NCTD’s railroad right-of-way. Citations include fines that                                                                         could range from $50 to $400, plus court costs.


NCTD displays many signs along the tracks warning about the dangers of trespassing and bridge jumping, suicide prevention, and reminders to See Tracks, Think Train©. 


Intermittent fencing has already been installed in NCTD service areas throughout the COASTER and SPRINTER service areas. Example locations include:  

Morse Street to Cassidy Street (Oceanside)6’ chain link fence has been installed along the west side of the rail corridor, with a break at the north end of study area near Buccaneer Beach Park. There is no fencing on the east side.  

Cassidy Street to Vista Way (Oceanside): Intermittent wooden split-rail fence has recently been installed by the City of Oceanside. The fencing helps to define gravel parking areas but provides limited trespasser security given its frequent cut outs for trash cans and trees. Chain link fence has been installed along the east side of the corridor from Cassidy Street to a point approximately one-quarter mile to the south.  

Vista Way to Eaton Street (Oceanside)Intermittent wooden split-rail fencing has been installed on the east side of the rail corridor. 

Union Street to Orpheus Avenue (Encinitas): Approximately 1,300 feet of wooden split-rail fencing has been installed alongside a drainage channel east of the rail corridor.