Staying Accountable to You

Here’s where you’ll find everything related to our fiscal responsibilities. Keeping you up to date on all our reportings is important to providing a transparent operation.

Accountability Reports

FY2020 Budget Documents
Approved Budget Documents
Comprehensive Strategic, Operating and Capital Plan
Audit and Financial Reports
State Controller’s Compensation Report
Performance Reports
Service Reports

Past Reports

Current Service Reports


Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE)
Catalog of Enterprise Systems

The North County Transit District (NCTD) established a Comprehensive Compliance and Oversight Program (CCOP) in 2012 with the goal of fostering a culture of compliance in everyday business and operations.

NCTD has taken significant steps to ensure a constant focus on governing laws and regulations applicable to NCTD and implementation and application toward a state of readiness and preparedness. Since establishing the CCOP, NCTD has undergone several internal and external audits and reviews to assist with and measure compliance and to identify process improvements.


Compliance Documents

Archived Compliance Documents

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