City of Encinitas Information

The North County Transit District (NCTD) and the City of Encinitas have been working collaboratively since 2015 to develop safety, active transportation and parking improvements along the railroad that would benefit transit users, residents, and businesses, while providing safe access. A number of projects have been completed to further those objectives.


In October 2019, the NCTD Board of Directors directed staff to develop strategies for reducing the number of illegal crossings through the Trespasser Risk Reduction Report. In the Report, several locations in Encinitas were identified as “hot spots” for trespassing.


An agreement was reached between the City of Encinitas and NCTD that provides a post-and-cable fencing solution along Coast Highway 101 from La Costa Avenue to Encinitas Boulevard. The post-and-cable fencing is intended to improve safety and reliability along the rail corridor in a community sensitive way.


The agreements between NCTD and the City represent a positive example of working collaboratively to support the respective goals of each party and a framework to advance safety, rail trail, pedestrian, roadway, and rail improvements.


Construction work on the Right-of-Way fencing project in the City of Encinitas is expected to begin in Spring of 2022 and be completed by Fall of 2022.  Work will start at La Costa Avenue and move south.


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Right-of-way Fencing Map

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