San Diego Comic-Con International

San Diego Comic-Con

Take the COASTER to San Diego Comic-Con!

Ready to visit with 150,000 of your closest friends in downtown San Diego? It’s time again for the one and only San Diego Comic-Con International! With parking at a premium and road closures making driving a headache, take the COASTER for an easy trip down the coast straight into downtown San Diego!


Regular COASTER schedule

Plan your trip


Extra southbound COASTER trains have been added to Saturday (7/20) and Sunday (7/21) mornings to get you downtown earlier!

Station / Time

Oceanside / 7:30 am

Carlsbad Village / 7:35 am

Carlsbad Poinsettia / 7:40 am

Encinitas / 7:46 am

Solana Beach / 7:52 am

Sorrento Valley / 8:01 am

Old Town / 8:23 am

Santa Fe Depot / 8:31 am


Amtrak Rail2Rail is not valid during Comic-Con weekend.

Find more information about the San Diego Comic-Con here!

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