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NCTD Awarded Funding from FTA for Escondido Transit-Oriented Development

Grant for feasibility of expanding redevelopment opportunities at ETC

Oceanside, CA – The North County Transit District (NCTD) today announced the award of $240,000 from the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Pilot Program for Transit-Oriented Development Planning to advance NCTD’s development efforts at the Escondido Transit Center. This funding will study the feasibility of exchanging parcels of land with the City of Escondido near the Transit Center to enhance the amount of developable land at the site.

“This study is a critical aspect to maximize the benefits of transit-oriented development in Escondido,” said NCTD Executive Director Matthew O. Tucker. “Strategic redevelopment of land near NCTD’s stations is an opportunity to create vibrant places that improve mobility, generate organic ridership, and bring community benefits such as increased housing, new commercial and retail opportunities, and the creation of world-class public spaces.”

Currently, the Escondido Transit Center is separated from downtown Escondido by parcels of land largely comprised of industrial buildings. This creates a barrier between transit and jobs, leisure activities, grocery stores and other goods and services present in downtown and the surrounding areas to the east. Through the potential exchange of land near the Escondido Transit Center, NCTD can connect transit with downtown Escondido and increase the amount of housing and amenities at the site. This study and the redevelopment will make improvements to better connect NCTD’s BREEZE and SPRINTER, as well as other modes operated by our regional partners, to increase multimodal accessibility and pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

“We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with NCTD by exploring how we can increase transit and redevelopment opportunities within Escondido’s Gateway Transit area,” said Julie Procopio, City Engineer for Escondido.

The total study will cost $300,000. NCTD and the City of Escondido will provide the remaining $60,000. This study will occur concurrently with a Request for Proposals to redevelop the Escondido Transit Center, which was recently advertised in October. Information on this solicitation is available at: The Orchard at Escondido Transit Center Landing Page | Real Capital Markets ( As reimagined, The Orchard at Escondido Transit Center will be a multi-use development that connects all modes of travel from NCTD transit services to bicycles on the Inland Rail Trail to pedestrians walking from downtown and to MTS Rapid Bus Services connecting to downtown San Diego.

The Escondido Transit Center is a hub for NCTD’s SPRINTER hybrid-rail and BREEZE bus service and connects residents and visitors to other regional modes of public transportation operated by our public transit partners. SPRINTER provides a vital transportation service for North County residents and visitors. In a typical year, the SPRINTER transports approximately 2.4 million riders along the 22-mile corridor from Escondido to Oceanside.

In addition to redevelopment at the Escondido Transit Center, NCTD is advancing redevelopment projects at the Oceanside Transit Center, Carlsbad Village Station and Carlsbad Poinsettia Station. NCTD has future plans to redevelop several stations along the SPRINTER corridor in the cities of Oceanside, Vista and San Marcos, as well. Redevelopment near transit assists localities with meeting housing and emissions-reduction goals, spurs economic development, creates good-paying jobs, improves air quality, and relieves traffic congestion.

For more information on NCTD’s redevelopment projects, please visit