NCTD Seeks Public Feedback on New Look for COASTER Trains, Agency’s Logo, and Website


Oceanside, CA—The North County Transit District (NCTD) is seeking the public’s feedback on new branding and user interface options on multiple projects for the agency. These include a new paint scheme for the COASTER, a redesign of the agency’s website, and a fresh take on the NCTD logo.

The NCTD Board of Directors recently approved the purchase of new locomotives for the iconic COASTER coastal commuter rail service in San Diego County. In addition to the new diesel-electric Siemens Charger locomotives being painted with an updated design, the current fleet of coach and cab cars may also receive an updated paint job to match the selected design. The new locomotives will enhance the customer experience and will support potential service expansion including additional COASTER trips. The new locomotives with the chosen paint scheme are scheduled to start arriving on the tracks in 2021.

NCTD is also working on the development of a new website with ongoing input from staff, Board members, and disability advocates. The new site will replace both desktop and mobile versions of with one, responsive site across all devices. It will aid customers in being able to access the information that they need in a more efficient and user-friendly way. While the public will have an opportunity in the future to assist with beta testing before the site goes live, NCTD will soon be seeking input on a creative layout for the all-in-one website. The new site is currently scheduled to be launched in early 2019.

To complement the innovative, modern designs that NCTD will be showcasing with the new locomotives and redesigned website, the agency is also looking for the public’s opinion on a new logo. NCTD is looking forward to the public’s opinion on freshening up the current look and rebranding the agency with a more modern, versatile logo.

Members of the public are encouraged to visit to participate in the public opinion polls for each item. The polls for the current items are open until Friday, August 17.