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Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives

The NCTD Board of Directors adopted a policy in February 2016 to pursue joint use and development of real property. The goals are to ensure transit is a priority, that projects are fiscally responsible, and that there is community engagement.

The benefits of redevelopment are multipronged: the generation of revenue through long-term ground leases, increased transit ridership, creation of jobs and affordable housing, and a reduction of automobile reliance.

There are currently eleven NCTD redevelopment projects being considered in various stages. They include:

Real Estate Redevelopment


NCTD identified the Carlsbad Village and Poinsettia Transit Stations as two locations that would largely benefit from the redevelopment process. The Carlsbad Redevelopment Projects will create new opportunities for affordable housing, work and leisure activities that provide job opportunities and new tax revenue, reduce automobile reliance, and maximize North County’s access to the greater San Diego area through a large and diverse public transportation network.

More Information



In 1984, the Oceanside Transit Center was rebuilt to replace a 1940’s Santa Fe Depot.  Since then, additional modifications have been made to the center to accommodate additional train and bus service. With the current need to improve the customer experience, and low-income housing, a redevelopment project was considered.

In January 2020, a Request for Proposal (RFP) was published, and on September 17, 2020, the NCTD Board of Directors authorized the Executive Director to enter into an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA) with Toll Brothers, Inc. (Toll Brothers). Pursuant to the terms of the ENA, an Option Agreement was negotiated with Toll Brothers and entered into March 18, 2021.   The Option Agreement allows for NCTD and Toll Brothers to conditionally pursue the development of OTC and includes the Disposition and Development Agreement and Ground Lease that will be executed once entitlements and approvals are obtained.

Toll Brothers is currently working with the City of Oceanside to secure the entitlements for the redevelopment project.  Once approved, Toll Brothers will then, seek Coastal Commission approval of the redevelopment project because it is located in the coastal zone.

The redevelopment project improvements will include:

  • Relocation of bus island closer to rail platforms
  • Integrated ticketing center for all transit modes ​
  • 560 parking spaces for NCTD patrons
  • Improved public spaces and amenities for transit riders​
  • Affordable and market rate housing units
  • New 50,000 sf NCTD General Administrative Office​

View Project Details Here

Escondido Transit Center redevelopment site


The Escondido Transit Center provides a significant redevelopment opportunity for the City of Escondido and NCTD. A mixed-use development on the 12.8 acres of developable land could satisfy the city’s objectives of creating a more walkable, multi-modal downtown.  Redevelopment of the site could also be advantageous for the average 3,075 weekday riders for NCTD BREEZE, NCTD SPRINTER, and MTS​.  A technical analysis of the Escondido Transit Center was completed and includes a highest and best use of the site​. An initial outreach workshop for Developer’s was held on August 11, 2022.  That presentation and updates on the RFP process may be found at: Escondido Transit Center Landing Page | Real Capital Markets (

Oceanside Sprinter station parking lots
Vista and San Marcos Sprinter station parking lots


A redevelopment assessment of the SPRINTER corridor was conducted in 2020 to determine underutilized station parking lots. The study prioritized seven stations for redevelopment.

The stations identified that best aligned with local goals and NCTD policies, by city, include:


  • Melrose Ave​
  • Rancho Del Oro Ave​
  • Crouch Street​
  • Coast Highway​

San Marcos

  • Palomar College


  • Vista Transit Center​
  • Vista Civic Center​


Initial outreach to generate interest on these sites is expected to begin in late 2022 with an RFP published in early 2023.